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What I do: I provide information to my readers ranging from parenting, dating, health among many. I listen to my readers opinion, I cultivate peace, love and harmony in my blog. I believe that everyone has a voice that ought to be heard. I chose to write mine . Welcome to this blog

Two ingredient recipe from Kenya

Don’t we all just love simple meals that we can fix up under an hour? Well, today I bring you a Kenyan favorite made of only potatoes  and peas. Let’s get in the kitchen and save some dollars and time.  Recipe Ingredients 1. Potatoes 2. Green peas  Instructions  * Peel your potatoes,dont forget to wash.   * Boil your potatoes til they are soft. * Boil your green peas til […]

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You don’t like your child? Here’s how to fix it!!!

This is rarely talked about. Infact noone wants to admit it. It’s far from postpartum depression. It is important to distinguish between a seasonal dislike  for your child or a chronic one. So without getting into the details, let’s figure out what to do if you find yourself at this situation.  1. Be patient  Your child has a personality and you might not completely be fond of it. Try and […]

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VENT  ALERT!!! What irritates  me is when people talk about  Africa with such a negativity.  People who clearly have never  been to any country  in Africa will just sit around and say all negative  stuff about it. When the closest they ever been to Africa is on discovery channel.  What about those who assume Africa is a huge desert and we live in the forest. Alright now that really irritates […]

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66 days of gratitude  (week 3 & 4)

On our previous  challenge of gratitude  we are now almost to two weeks so let’s go ahead and continue  our journey. But before we jump right through, if you missed the last one I will put a link and you can go start from day one,  it’s never too late to start.  Day fourteen – which season are you most grateful  for? Day fifteen – which opportunity  are you most […]

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My day with social anxiety 

Social anxiety is tragic.  It can be confused for shyness or been introverted but far from it, it’s horrible, it’s worse than I can actually make it sound. I will give you ask example: Today, I was walking in the mall,  pretty random thing and easy thing to do right? That mall  was not fully packed as always so you would expect I would have little to no problem going […]

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