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What I do: I provide information that is widely researched ranging from parenting, dating, health among many. I listen to my readers opinion, I cultivate peace, love and harmony in my blog. I believe that everyone has a voice that ought to be heard. I chose to write mine . Welcome to this blog

Apple Cravings

Let’s talk about my latest addiction. Apples. Don’t you just love how they taste and how juicy they are. I can say for a fact am not one of those count your calories kind of people so this is definitely a craving. However it’s benefits include but are not limited to helping preventing major diseases,act as an antioxidant and lowers cholesterol. So at the end of the day my craving does more good to me. I will admit to feeling better after consuming one.

I actually never saw myself ever writing about apples but here we are. Addicted to them.let’s hope this craving invites more healthy ones.

What’s your recent craving?

With love,Nelly



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