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Permanently scarred

It’s funny how something so small can give a whole turn around into someone’s life . It has take me 22 years to realise that one has to watch what they say. You might say something that will destroy someone causing them to be permanently scarred. Scars that not even time can heal. Most importantly one has to think before speaking. You just can’t turn around and say its a joke  and expect everything to be alright. Many words I look back on that I may have said either as a joke or pure malice to someone that might have actually scarred them. 

It’s sad that I realize this only when I have been hurt but what’s more sad is the damage caused will never be undone. Everyone tells you to forgive and forget until they have something to forgive.I can forgive but I can’t bring myself to forget. It’s part of me now,haunting me for the rest of my life but again such is life. The lesson here is not everything can be taken a builder of spirits not a destroyer. 

With love, Nelly



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  1. I send to you my love and hugs. I know EXACLTY what you are feeling and experiencing. I have been going through it all my life. I wish, alot of things people said to me, whether its joking (I always say even a joke has an element of truth to it), or in malice or whatever, it can scar a person for life, and I have enough emotional/body scars to last me a few life times. Thinking of you and sening you healing energy xx

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