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Friend or parent?😏

Parents of nowadays are failing in everyday .They bring up their offspring telling them they are special and they can be whatever they want to be. We all know that is not true,I feel like we are all setting ourselves up for disappointment. The only thing these children here are praises. They make a bad drawing,they are congratulated rather than been shown the right way to be better. 

Funny when I walk in the parks how parents interact with their children. Here is one situation The child slaps another child, the parent instead of punishing the child gives them an option you either behave or no toys for you.

I honestly fond it ridiculous,when I was growing up I never had those choices. If I was wrong then I was wrong no in between.This children will grow up to be dysfunctional members of society and will not understand why no-one is worshipping  them. As a result crimes and morality related problems are on the rise. Why? Because you chose to be your child’s friend and not their parent.

Rant over 

With a little less 




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  1. Interesting opinion! I studied a little bit of behavioral psychology. Basically, there’s two types of punishments; negative punishment and positive punishment, where negative punishment means taking away a privilege while positive punishment means adding in something, like scolding or w/e. While it’s true that positive punishment might sound more effective, there’s also the fact that (1) you as the adult are escalating the incident if you punish them (I’m going to assume either hitting them or yelling at them) and (2) that child will remember this forever. Children are easily impressionable, and if you’re going to be really supportive parents, then shooting for positive punishment when your child does something wrong is one way to disturb them.
    It’s a very lengthy topic tbh! But I am personally of the opinion that children are smart enough to be reasoned with/made empathetic to the situation and punishments should be something limited. It says much more about the parent if they start punishing in public, than the child.

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  2. I agree with some of your thots Nelly as well as you Kanra. I have a nine year old and there gas to be a bit of both +ve and – ve punishment depending on the situation. There also needs to be a fine line between parenting and being ‘friends’ with ur child. I for one have a very open relationship with my daughter that i cultivate so that she can always come to me when she has a problem. This however is not done at the cost of being her mother and teaching her right from wrong.

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