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What I do: I provide information that is widely researched ranging from parenting, dating, health among many. I listen to my readers opinion, I cultivate peace, love and harmony in my blog. I believe that everyone has a voice that ought to be heard. I chose to write mine . Welcome to this blog

Fun Facts 

So,on Thursday’s I will be doing facts about me.
1. Are you a morning or a night person ? 

I feel I am more of a night person but mostly am very happy and excited in the afternoons 

2.What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten? 

That would be snails. Growing up in Kenya that would be crazy but I did try. Wouldn’t try again .

3.Describe yourself in 3 words 

This should be fun. Let’s see. Emotional,thoughtful,intelligent.

4.If you could trade lives with anyone who would it be and why? 

I would trade lives with a few people but mostly my bestie Isabel. She is just simply a simple and gentle soul. If it’s someone famous that would be Taylor Swift. I love all her songs .

5. If you would go anywhere in the world where would you go ? 

I would go live in Georgia. I would lead a quiet life,probably plant my own food and be happy .

That’s it for today,if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments 

With love,Nelly.



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10 replies

  1. Fun post! I love learning new things about someone … it always gets you thinking! I just posted a blog post this morning about getting to know me a little better too. Check it out:

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  2. These are so fun!! I am definitely NOT a morning person! Night person depends on what I’m doing, but I am with you on the afternoons!! I also love the idea of a simple, happy life somewhere away from the hustle and bustle!! It’s good for the soul!

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  3. Love this idea. I always enjoy getting to know other people. Thanks for sharing Nelly! Have a good one. 🙂

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  4. How fun! I’m happiest in the afternoon too. Living a quiet life sounds awesome to me too.

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  5. This is a fun post! You should tag some other bloggers and get them to do it too, so fun reading different peoples’ answers to the same questions! Katie x

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  6. This is a cute little get to know me type post. How fun

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  7. Whew! Snails…I could only imagine what that tasted like. Do you still live in Kenya? I have always wanted to visit Kenya.

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