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Dark times

If you are having one of those dark days,it’s OK. It’s OK to feel that darkness. If you are going through divorce,a financial crisis,an illness,I know you might not even want to get out of bed in the morning. It might be that bad but do remember that crisis comes to serve a person who wants to use it as fuel. And you have a choice you can be a victim and let it break you or you can you this time to grow yourself,to make you wiser and stronger.
Pain is always there but suffering is a choice. And if you have it in your mind that people don’t understand, it’s OK because they don’t. But you do. You know darkness, you know evil but more important than that you know good, you know light, you know laughter and happiness better than anyone else. Recognise that what’s happening is not a punishment. Use your pain as an instrument for your greatest growth. Embrace that darkness. Own it. Don’t walk away from it. Don’t hide it. Embrace your life. Divine yourself so you can free yourself. Move forward into the future. 

What you are experiencing shall pass. In the end everything will be OK. And if it’s not OK then it’s not the end. Be inspired.



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  1. I love that you said to use pain as an instrument to grow. I have gone through pain, both emotional and physical and I have always used it to grow. This post is very inspirational.

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing. I’ve felt this way so many times. And this saying has gotten me through so much! xo

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  3. If we don’t use the pain we will give up on everything that there is…Thank you


  4. So inspirational Nelly. I can totally relate to it. I always say that difficult times are just growing pains.<3

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