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Amazing human

Today is my birthday and I got more than I deserved. I got this beautiful camera from Canon from this amazing human being. It was so far the best birthday in my whole wide world and I will never ever forget it. 

Last year was boring but am glad I met this amazing human being who just is amazing(used amazing twice but I mean it)  this amazing has taught me that good people exist. I feel so happy today. 

This amazing human is my special kind of person. One of those people you need I’m your life. Those people you know have your back no matter what . If you find this kind of people keep them tight.

This post is to celebrate my amazing human . If you are wondering their name I will give hint . This amazing human species is homo sapiens sapiens and feed only on vegetables and fish . 

  • This human has blue eyes and blonde  hair. This amazing human is amazing . 


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  1. and this human is really amazing amazing…all the best

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