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The effects of dating a crazy person

You become crazy.

Crazy usually attracts crazy. So unfortunately when you are in a relationship with a crazy person you automatically start losing your mind. probably because you are trying to defend their crazy or because your mind is trying to solve the entangled emotional trauma of dating them.

You become detached from family and friends

Your time is involuntary always occupied by he mess of your partner. You constantly feel the need to  solve the mess and thus resulting to no time for other people.

You become anxious

You constantly feel uncomfortable and anxious as you are always trying to please the other m. You are scared of their reaction,their thoughts and everything you do becomes about them and their happiness not about you or your needs.

You are never happy 

Your partner makes you go through and experience a lot of emotions but happy is rarely one of them.You often feel drained and exhausted after spending time with them. relationships should not make you feel crappy.

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  1. Been there done that! I dated someone(possibly two people) who had me feeling like I lost my mind. Now that this is years in the past, I certainly feel foolish talking about them because I’m like…girl what were you thinking. I think it’s most important to figure out how you use this time after leaving that person to find your true self.

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  2. This is so true I have never dated a crazy person but I see that affects it has on my friends. God bless the people who realize and can get out that stuff (lust) is addictive.


  3. So true! And you’re driving yourself even more crazy when you try to justify and rationalize the relationship smh.


  4. Yikes, I was pursued by one although I clearly stated my desire to be platonic. He ended up calling me crazy smh.

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  5. This pretty much summed up my entire past relationship lol. I’m sure that I was driven crazy by him, but at least I was able to learn from my past and work on myself since then

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