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What not to say on your first date

1. Do not insult their appearance.

Do not be tempted to make any comment that is unflattering about their appearance.Things like :

“Whoa you look different from your photos”

“That lipstick makes you look funny” ARE A NO NO

2.Do not make weird jokes.

Just because you have an awkward sense of humor doesn’t mean your date shares the same. Most importantly keep your jokes clean and easily understood.

Sexual,religious or racial jokes are a NO NO

3.Do not take out your phone to chat.

This to me is the ultimate sin of sins. The mother of all disrespect.It is very rude to chat while on a date, it makes your date feel less important. Do not attempt this one unless it’s an emergency.

Chatting on a date on your phone is a NO NO

4.Do not confess your undying love on your first date.

Give it time. Your date will run.

again, big NO NO

5.Do not compare them to people.

This will not only make things uncomfortable and awkward but also will lead to be branded the worst date ever. Do not say things like ” you look so much like my ex”


6. Do not expose very personal details.

On your date don’t talk about how many times you have been arrested or how many people you co-parent with. Leave some of that for later on a second date maybe.

Do not scare your date. Big NO NO

with love , Nelly



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7 replies

  1. Taking out your phone is my biggest pet peeve!!!! Great tips ✨

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  2. Yes to all of these girl!

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  3. So I needed this. About to start back dating after 3 years and I am always super scared about the conversation. Great post to watch my tongue lol

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  4. These are great tips. I find it so rude to be on the phone when I’m on a date. I’ll call or text my friend when I’m getting in the car if I go to the restroom or when there’s an emergency and by then, my Fitbit will have my arm buzzing.

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