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Actively trying for a baby?

1. Everyone’s cycle is different

Most women make the mistake of comparing their cycle to that of a friend or sister.Although the average monthly cycle is 26 to 32 days, it’s not unlikely for variations to occur. The trying to conceive process can spiral up emotions but you need to realize that everyone’s cycle is different.

2.Have regular sex

You have heard this one a hundred times but i feel the need to stress that regular sex does not mean everyday as this may not only become tedious but also affect the quality and quantity of sperm. It is advisable to have intercourse every other day during your cycle to increase your chances of conceiving.

3. Eat healthy

Just like everything important in life you need to prepare. Start by eating right. Take food rich in folic acid like vegetables and citric fruits. incorporate some vitamins and prenatal supplements in your diet. Have high quality proteins such as salmon and do not forget the good old omega 3 . With the right diet you will be helping your body prepare itself for the conception phase.

4.Get a reliable fertility app

Download a reliable app that has community forums and also enables you to track your fertile days. In most of the applications such as Ovia and fertility friend you need to put down your temperature. I suggest you download this application a few months before trying to conceive so you can understand your cycle better.

5.Avoid unhealthy lifestyles

You will be housing another human being in you. It is important to take up healthy lifestyles. Put down the cigarette, stop the alcohol,slow down on your caffeine intake.

With love, Nelly



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  1. I am not trying for a baby right now but this is wonderful advice for the future. Great informative post.


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