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How to get any lady you want(no matter how you look)

1. Be approachable

Make eye contact with her as this helps build trust. Smile,it will make you appear as a warm and friendly person which in turn be a plus for you.Your body language should be welcoming as well. Do not fold your arms.

2.Be confident

You need to remind yourself that you are worthy of her.Its okay to doubt your appearance but you need to remember that cowardice never got anyone anything. Stand tall,believe me many women find confidence more attractive.

3.Show interest

How do you do this? you ask her questions, you listen to her, you engage in an active dialogue. Most importantly you listen to her and give her compliments. Nothing is sexier than a man showing interest and actually listening and not just hearing.

4.Look fun to be with

Be it planning an adventurous future activity or a mountain climbing experience or just making funny jokes. Do it. She will love it and in turn have a soft spot for you. Engage her in the activities, try out some of her’s as well.

5. Tell her how different she is

Which lady doesn’t want to stand out from the rest? Not only tell her but also make her feel special. Tell her how comfortable you feel been around her.

6.Tell her about yourself

Do not get me wrong here, do not go telling her the name of your first hamster or the first time you ate pickles. What I mean is tell her something that sets you apart from the rest like a hobby or a talent for example maybe you paint on your free time, maybe you sing or are really good at playing baseball. Set yourself apart from the rest.

7.Talk about your ambitions

I have found that men who actually have goals and ambitions in life attract women better. This is because women look for security and protection. This should however not be the first thing you say as you may come off as too full of yourself and that will automatically be a turn off. Give time for conversation.

With love, Nelly.




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  1. Great post! Love the talk about your ambitions. Guys think that all women want a finished product but a GOOD WOMAN wants someone she can simply grow with. Talking about that well thought out plan is the key to our hearts 😍

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  2. Was having a talk with my colleague and she insisted on point number 7,,,all she want is the finished product and every thing is all hers like pap other than building something together…………you should write the cons that come come with finished products…

    always love your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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