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Internet bullying

The internet has given bullies a whole new world to exercise their actions. They have been around for years but now with social media they can easily send disturbing and threatening messages with ease. The effects of cyber bullying are often heart breaking. People who are bullied are likely to :

  • Become alcohol and drug users
  • Have very low self esteem
  • Develop antisocial behavior
  • Become depressed
  • Commit suicide
  • Commit murder
  • Become bullies to protect themselves
  • Develop health problems

Cyber bullies will spread lies, rumors,personal information that you may have given them,insults, gossiping,harrass you and even issuing threats.

How do we stop and prevent bullying?

  1. Pause before you post
  2. Educate yourself so that when you identify a bully you step back
  3. Put secure passwords
  4. Don’t trust people with personal information online
  5. Stand up to bullies with facts
  6. Log off online accounts
  7. Don’t take anything to heart word by word. Don’t give them the pleasure of hurting you
  8. Inform someone about the bullying
  9. If you are bullied on a certain site, deactivate your account.

Bullies don’t realize they cause irreversible damage to the person while they are doing it because they are in the moment,they think it’s fun. They can say anything without thinking of the other person’s reactions. Cyber bullying is worse than in-person bullying because you detach yourself from the person.

Please stop the internet bullying.

Have you been a victim of cyber bullying? If so share your experience. Let’s encourage each other .

With love ,Nelly



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8 replies

  1. Thanks for sharing, Nelly. Although I may not totally agree with no 3 that says secure passwords………there are so many hackers out there who know the in and out of manipulating their way to get any information they want so I think it’s best we don’t give any information we cannot deal with when it’s publicized. I’m going to share this to my circle so that this can spread and people get enlightened
    Thanks for the post ❤

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  2. I personally never have been a victim of cyber bullying, however I was bullied often in school.People do not realize how much damage they cause. I love this post and can’t wait to read more from you !

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  3. This is a great list to share with others. Of course bullying has always been around. Bit it seems that attitudes have definitely gone from bad to worse these days.

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  4. Thanks for this post and tips on how to handle internet bullying. I’ve never been cyber bullied. We should have more open discussions about bullying and have some people dismiss it as just a thing everyone goes through. These aren’t the old days, times have changed and so has the manner of the bullying.

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