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Signs you are a good mum


1. Your kids love spending time with you 

If your baby loves been around you for no reason and calls for you whenever​ you are not around then you definitely are doing a great job at motherhood.

2. Your children share 

Kids don’t like sharing but if you have taught your little baby the importance of sharing you are doing great. This doesn’t mean they share everything but atleast you know you child will not grow up to be a mean girl in high school. Generosity and kindness is a great value to teach your little ones.

3. Sometimes you’re kid say “I hate you”  but say “I love you”

  We all have had those moments when you say no then the kid shouts how much they hate you or how much you are ruining their life. This is a moment of triumph. It’s important to realize you are a parent not a friend and they need to learn they can not have everything wherever they want it. If you do say NO you are acing the motherhood test.

4. You have kept your kids alive 

You have managed to not kill them. You have fed them,made sure they have had their vaccination and made sure they did not die from that nappy rash. If your little one is alive trust me you are doing great.

5. You have mastered the art to remain patient 

Those outbursts and the tantrums our little ones show every so often can be exhausting mentally and if you have learnt to keep your cool when you want to scream at the top of your lungs then you are a great mum.

6. You have no idea what you are doing

Google is your best friend. You search for everything from emergency to effects of eating two cashew nuts in a day. You clearly have no idea what you are doing but you do it anyway. Motherhood is not about perfection, it’s about the willingness to learn,do things you would never have done,make mistakes and be able to rise above them. There is no perfect mother in the world but there are good mothers

How are you doing at motherhood?

With love, Nelly



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  1. This was perfect. Mommy life is hard girl, lol.

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