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How to be a good wife


The ultimate  guide every wife should  read 

1. Be unpredictable

Be spontaneous,change up your routine,don’t make things so obvious to him. A little excitement never hurt anyone.

2. Stop nagging 

Noone wants to come home to a wife who is constantly on the edge complaining every few seconds about everything. Nagging has never attracted anything or anyone so please quit nagging.

3. Communicate

Most women don’t openly communicate about their feelings and they think men will pick up the hints. No, stop! This will only cause more problems. If you are upset tell him why and listen to his side even though you are sure you are right.

4. Be the positive influence

Be the voice of reason in your home. Build trust so that he feels safe to tell his worries to you. Be the builder of confidence for your man. You will not only earn his trust but his affection.

5. Keep your home organized 

Clearly by now you know you are the less messy one. Try and keep things in order. A clean home breeds a clean relationship.

6. Look good 

Look good in the house,stop running to get your pajamas Everytime you get in the house. They should be reserved for the bed only. Look good. Take care of your skin,hair and nails .

7. Accept his buddies

Respect his friends as the odds are that they were there before you. Learn to picks your battles wisely and accept his friends even though you hate when they laze around playing video games all afternoon.

With love,Nelly



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12 replies

  1. Simple steps to a successful relationships. Soemtimes these things are overlooked. Gotta go back to the basics. Great read

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  2. This is the second marriage post I’ve read today. Is it a sign? lol. Thanks for the advice!

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  3. Lovely Nelly,Iam Wondering if you are the Author!!Super Keep up,Iam the already made wife and I agree and relate very Well,!
    One might not automatically practise them e.g communicate but it comes with time..and becomes part of you!

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  4. This is so true…we tend to overlook the simple things ….Thank you Darling…

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  5. Thank you so much for the advice..
    You’ve reminded me of some things I had forgotten.

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