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Why men leave women they love 

1. He fears losing himself

Men don’t want to lose their masculinity and been in a relationship with a woman , they fear they might get in touch with their feminine side. A man will leave a woman he loves because he feels he will lose himself in the relationship and his dreams and goals will vanish .

2. He feels overwhelmed

Women are very emotional by nature,men on the other hand do not like expressing emotions as they feel it will make them more vulnerable. So if all the time you are mushy and emotional with him , he is likely to leave you no matter how much he loves you .

3. You set the bar too high

He loves you so obviously your happiness matters to him. A man would leave because he feels he doesn’t match your expectations and whatever he offers is not appreciate or never enough for you.

4. His needs are not met

All of us know men are physical beings. No matter how much he loves you,if his sexual needs are not met he definitely with no doubt will leave.

5. You are too needy

This are the insecure women who are clingy to the man. This can be the most frustrating part in a relationship to a man. If you cut off all your friends,family and relatives for him you definitely are needy and sooner or later he will leave as he feels trapped.

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  1. I agree with this. I think I’ve experienced #2 and #3 in terms of break ups I had withnguys and why they left. Its a shame smh makes them seem mentally weak.

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  2. Very interesting and true to some extent.

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  3. Interesting viewpoint, tho I feel that if you’re truly in love…like that I can’t be without you type of love, he’ll overcome all of those.

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  4. These are all good points to consider. But what’s meant to be will be.

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  5. Great things to consider. Some men are just not ready. The old saying goes “Men know within six months if you are “THE ONE”.” No point in wondering why they left.


  6. I think this could work both ways but an interesting perspective nonetheless! Enjoyed reading this! 🙂


  7. Very true! I’ve especially had problems with #3, guys just wanna do the bare minimum. 🙄


  8. Whew girl this was an interesting read! I actually read it aloud with my boyfriend present and he agreed with points 3 and 5. I see where you are coming from with the others though. It’s all about compatibility. There are men out there who can deal with any kind of woman. She just to find the right one.

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  9. Very interesting read. I agree this is true to some extinct. This can be the same for some women too.

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