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Reasons why people don’t like you 


We could go on and on about the reasons why people don’t like you.  Maybe it’s your fault or maybe they just are not nice people where you live.  Below are a few reasons why they might not like you.

1. You preach

No one wants to be given a 45 minute lecture on things they don’t associate with. The truth is nobody wants to hear about your college troubles all the time. As a result people will distance themselves from you to avoid the pitching preacher.

2. You blame others 

You never take responsibility for anything. You break the printer at work,you find fault in the one who installed it. You fail in your class,the lectures we’re not covered well. People don’t like blamers at all. 

3. You are opinionated

Do not get me wrong, nothing is wrong with have a strong opinion about something but throwing it around everytime is pretty much annoying. They have opinions too and if it’s a strong subject it is wise to keep your opinion to yourself unless it is asked for. Silence is golden.

4. You control 

You want to be in charge of everything and everyone. You are quick to criticize others. You want to control how they feel and do things. The truth is you act like a boss to them and we all know only a small percentage love their bosses. You may be the best at something but please do chill .

5. You never apologize

You are rude and self entitled. You never apologize for anything. You probably think you lead a life of “YOLO” and you care less about other peoples feelings. Noone wants to be friends with a selfish person and that’s the reason people dont like you. 

With love,Nelly



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13 replies

  1. These are the reasons why I un-friend people all the time. I only want happy, positive people in my circle. These are good points to consider and check yourself. 🙂

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  2. I need to send this letter to someone I know. It kind of made me think did I display some of these traits.

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  3. Hmmmm…I may not be all of these but I’m def. opinionated. My real friends love me tho. LOL!

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  4. Good points to self reflect on. For the first one, do you mean always giving your two cents? Or complaining about things? Or both lol.

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  5. All valid points! #5 irks me to my soul!

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  6. You held nothing back in this post Lol but, it’s all FACTS! I hate when I come across #5, a sincere apology is hard to come by. Great post!

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