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Inside a disturbed mind 

Do you ever feel like just when you are beginning to become happy the universe decides to throw shades at you? You feel lonely , ignored,you feel lost in this world. You feel empty and as though everyone around you is trying to pull you down. What’s worse is when you realize that the people who you thought would be there for turn against you. They literally stab you straight in the back. When called out,they snap and pretend how you made them do it and how you made them that way . This are our beloved blame shifters but we love them anyway.

The feeling of anger creeps through you and you think you became numb. You feel like you are losing your mind. You can see everyone breathing as you drown, they can hear your cry for help but they wouldn’t care less. You feel isolated​ from everything. You honestly just want to end it . End all the suffering,end all the judgements,end the insecurities.

Noone understands just how much you are hurting,how much their words injure you,how their actions Pierce through your soul. They think you are pretending to hurt,but the truth is they just have never been there to know how it feels. They have not yet felt themselves dying inside . You call out for help but noone listens. They are too busy putting you down instead of building you up. They will mock you saying why can’t you be strong  or stop pretending . 

Noone understands the damage they cause until your eulogy is read. Then they shed tears for show. Pretending they cared.

Funny when you die, people start listening.



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  1. Don’t kid yourself they don’t listen when you die….. That’s when they profit from your death as you said above “they shed tears for show”… Hey beautiful young woman, let me lay down some words for you. I hear you, I have been there and there is a way out of this feeling. #1, who ever puts you down does not deserve the salt in your tears….. even if they are family. #2, The person or persons putting you down get a kick out of seeing how they can make you feel. They feel like shit and want you to feel like shit too. Your beauty, shine and strength must be very threatening for someone to come at you like that. You can NEVER expect this same person to build you up.
    It’s hard I know, but if I was successful at ending my life the few times I tried when I was a young woman, I would not be living the life I have now. Darling I think about it all the time of how lucky I am to still be here. Nelly, I hear you and ur not alone. xxoo Issa

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