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Kitty facts 

Here are a few facts about our furry friends 

1. Sleep is your cats best friend

Cats spend an enormous amount of time sleeping. They need this to gain energy to hunt and play . They actually spend 70 percent of their life sleeping. Most of us have seen the cat basking and lazing the day away. Sleeping is their way to accumulate energy.

2. Marking territory 

Cats emit sweat from their paws. When they walk and when they scratch, they are just making their territory and making it clear that it belongs to them.

3. Identify prints 

Every kitty has her own set of unique prints on her nose. If you have more than one cat you can notice the difference in their bump pattern and the ridges. If your kitty ever decides to rob a bank she will be caught and be in the records forever.

4. Meow 

Cats only meow to their protectors. They meow in search of food or seeking warmth. They only meow to those they identify as their mothers. As they grow older they stop meowing to other cats. But mostly they meow at humans so we do what they want.

5. Cats can drink sea water 

Unlike humans, their kidneys can filter out salt and keep them hydrated.

6. Neutering

By neutering your cat you add few years to his life, approximately two to three years. That is why those vet appointments are important.

7. Health 

Having a cat can significantly drop your chances of having a heart disease and a stroke. In some studies it was found to help keep blood pressure at an optimum.

With love, Nelly



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