Nelly's World

What I do: I provide information that is widely researched ranging from parenting, dating, health among many. I listen to my readers opinion, I cultivate peace, love and harmony in my blog. I believe that everyone has a voice that ought to be heard. I chose to write mine . Welcome to this blog

My playlist 

Feeling quite lost on what to write I decided I would share what’s on my playlist. This are songs I love or loved.

  • Water under the bridge- Adele
  • Georgia- Vance Joy
  • She is everything – Braid Paisley
  • Shape of you – Ed Sheeran
  • We can’t stop – Miley Cyrus
  • Safe and sound – Taylor Swift
  • Mess is mine – Vance Joy
  • Rockabye- Sean Paul
  • Chasing pavements – Adele
  • Salome – Diamond
  • Unajua – Gilad
  • Isabella – Sauti sol

But overall I love Vance Joy.

With love,Nelly



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