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The cons and pros of dating an already  established  man 

One of my readers inspired  me for this post (Evelyn) . There are the good and bad sides to everything  so I figured why not jot some  down.  


Before a man becomes established  he goes through  phases,  phases different  from women. Most men  tend to mature a little slower than women. An established  man means he is displayed enough. Who doesn’t want a mature partner.  

2. Self confidence 

Confidence  is sexy. Your established man has tons of confidence than one that is just starting  out in life due to all the things he has gone through (excluding  those born on a silver platter). 

3. Wise 

Your established  man has made a lot of mistakes either through  his social life or through his career. This man will motivate you, build you and teach you a few things from his experience.  

4. Ready to settle  down 

This man is less likely to wander around and cause you heart ache.  His days of fun are likely to be over.  This man has little to know time to waste on one night stands and drugs.  He is focused and if you are looking  to settle down, he is assuring and most likely  to want the same.  


1. Boring  

 He probably  has done it all.  He now might enjoy the peace of a quiet evening  watching the sunset than going out to do stuff you consider fun.  

2. Controlling 

He had to be a leader in his career life and upon his own life  too thus he became successful.  He will want to control you in some aspects of your life.  They could  treat you as an inferior as they see themselves as the authority.  

3. Less energy 

He has been working  all day and the little time he has is still spent in work related  activities.  This man will have less energy and you will feel like a third wheel. 

4. Baggage  

Everyone wants to be associated  with a successful  person.  Once his success  spikes up,  his crazy ex lovers show up. You will need a lot of strength  because  you are guaranteed  to have crazy episodes. 

With love, Nelly 



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10 replies

  1. I agree with every bit of this one


  2. Great read! The pros sound great! Con #2, controlling, could be dangerous and all wrong. I guess my question is does established or mature automatically mean older?

    Really enjoyed this blog!

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  3. Not all ‘established’ men are boring.

    Actually, for many of them, the more they’ve seen of the world, the more they want to see. The more they’ve accomplished, the more they want to accomplish and experience.

    Also, an accomplished man doesn’t always have baggage. In fact the more mature you are the more you want to shed your life of baggage. Crazy exes? Any boy or man can have those. It’s up to him to set & uphold boundaries with the people around him.

    Interesting generalizations but they can be said for men at any stage in life.

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  4. This is it!!! Thank you Nelly

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