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How to have a successful conversation (at work)

There are tons and tons of tips on how to win over your colleagues, your boss or your clients. I narrowed them down to four tips. 

1. Listen without interrupting

Learn to listen and not just hear the other person and do not constantly interrupt unless you want to add to the point they are speaking about. This will build a good conversation on the basis of respect.

2. Use gestures 

Nonverbal signals often show how a person is feeling. Let your gestures be in alignment with your words. 

3. Build raptor

Identify the way they speak and use their language to speak to them. This will build understanding and the other person will feel at ease while opening up to you. Use personal experience but remain professional. 

4. Be respectful 

Respect the other persons opinion, values, religion, inputs even though you don’t agree with them. Keep your  no polite and try and explain and suggest better ways and your point of view.

With love, Nelly



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8 replies

  1. Really good points! No one likes being interrupted point blank period. Listening is most certainly key.

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  2. Helpful tips, especially the first one. People generally do not listen well (even though they think they do). I’ve had to work on this myself.

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  3. Thanks for sharing those tips, they’re great reminders! Listening and body language are crucial!

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  4. Love these tips! Expecially livedo interrupt tip. It’s very healthy to have this tip so a person can complete their ts and opinions.


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