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Why you should walk away from controlling people 

Giving in  to a controlling person is the beginning of a very toxic pattern. Here are few reasons why you should walk away from them 

1. You walk on eggshells 

This type of person will make you feel like you need to be careful about everything, how you talk to them or act around them. You will be constantly on eggshells trying not to say something that will upset them. 

2. They demean you 

They often will put you down as a means of building themselves up. You will be belittled and start questioning your worth. This is not healthy at all.

3. Your life is their playground 

Your interests, your hobbies, your job becomes theirs. They want to be in control of who you associate with, how you associate with whoever you do. You will basically have no privacy of your own. 

4. You are never going to be happy 

Noone wants to feel like they are constantly under pressure all the time. You will start prioritizing their happiness and yours will come second. Again, you can never please this type of person. 

5. Your feelings will not matter 

How you feel is not important to them. They see the need to control your emotions too. They will get angry at you for something they did and blame you for their actions. They will disrespect your feelings and disregard you in an effort to always be right. You might hand them evidence on a golden platter but they will still fail to see it. They have no problem losing important relationships as long as they look like they are right.

With love, Nelly



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  1. Beautiful post! I’ve found myself in it, as I’ve known a controlling person … But I can say with pride that I’ve moved on and I am now much happier 🙂 So … Everyone should walk away from controlling people. For sure.

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  2. Very true! Sometimes people even disguise their behavior and it takes a while to finally realize how controlling they are. Great post!

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  3. Generally people that recognize controlling behaviors in others are the ones that want to hide something.
    Is that your case perhaps? Phsicology is clear on that.
    Btw I love the way you write. Like a book…
    Which is your job dear?
    Are you a journalist perhaps?
    You are expert in so many fields…wow.
    Good for you.
    God bless.


    • I beg to differ, and if pysicology is clear on that, why is that the Same field discussed and encourages treatment for controlling people? I pray you never find or deal with someone like that. Oh and I am no journalist , I research on what I write and I love sharing what I find.
      I also beg to differ,i am not an expert in many fields, as I said, I research and share what I believe is helpful.
      On the other hand I am writing a book. Thank you so much for your comment. It’s always nice to see things from a different perspective.
      Remain blessed


  4. Your blog is wonderful and because I read alot on your page I nominated you for the Liebster Award Keep up the good work👍

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