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save your daughter’s future esteem

Most women and girls suffer from low self esteem and they perceive  themselves  to be not beautiful  enough. But who can blame them with all this negative  social media pictures  of starved models with a sharp cheek bone. This post is about how you can save your daughter from have low esteem. 
1. Stop telling her she is pretty 

 The moment you tell her she is pretty in this or that, is the exact  moment she will start asking for validation  on her beauty.  This will in turn destroy her in future if Noone validates it to her every now and then. 

2. Teach them about inner beauty  and self worth 

Concentrate  on her morals,  how she treats others,  how she treats  herself. Teach her the importance  of respecting others as well as respecting  herself.  The world will be much nicer to her if she has standards.

3. Stop comparing  your daughter  to others 

If you compare  your daughter  to others her confidence  will decrease as she will constantly  feel she is not good enough  for whatever  is at hand,  this will make her very shy while doing  something. 

4. Encourage  her 

Praise  her hard work,  correct her lovingly,  teach her to accept mistakes and forgiveness.  Encourage  her to try out new stuff.  Be her cheer squad.  Cheer her on. 



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  1. I can agree with you on everything but the first one. I mean don’t constantly focus on her looks but a little girl needs to here every now and then that she is pretty or beautiful from her parents. A lot of adults with low self-esteem can link those feeling back to their parents never telling them they were pretty along with other affirmations. I believe it needs to be said but not in the way that it creates a narcissistic attitude. I think that was like five cents. lol

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  2. All of these are really great ways to teach your little girls self love. It surely is difficult with all the media around them.

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  3. What the lady said about number 1. My parents didn’t tell me everyday but I didn’t seek obesity until I stsrted comparing myself around mid teens n that’s when i had to find for myself. But I also love telling kids around me that they’re gorgeous even in their dribble t shirt and crisp stained pants

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  4. I’m loving this! I have self-esteem issues myself and was just talking to my man this morning about this. I don’t have children yet but there are so many things I want to do that I hope will empower my daughter and help her realize her being her best person is on her, not on society to decide. Thanks for writing this!

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  5. I love your post, although I do tell my girls they are beautiful, I also let them know they do not need to be validated. I let them know that they do not have to be anyone but themselves, and do not need to live up to anyone’s expectation of them.

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  6. I love this piece. Although I tell my daughters everyday they are beautiful, I also tell them that they do not need to be validated by anyone. I also tell them that they are their own person and do not have to live up to anyone’s expectation of who they are and who people thing they should be.

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  7. I love everything about this article. Every mother should read this because so many little girls lose themselves on how they are perceived. Thank you for sharing

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  8. Wow. This was an interesting post. I hate to admit it but number one is soooo true. My dad told me I was beautiful ALL of the time. I don’t think I have low self esteem because of it but I do think in the past that this was something that I felt like I NEEDED to be told all the time by my S/O. And if they didn’t – they must not think I’m pretty.

    Great post!

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  9. Great read! I agree with most of the points. I believe we must tell girls they are beautiful infuse and out, and what is inside is most important.

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