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My first racist encounter  

I was going  about my day today as usual,  minding my own business.  Then we decided  to go to this water park for kids( some kids I was babysitting  this afternoon), so there I was in my great “let’s do this” mood, bubbly even I must say.  I walked up to this park paid for an hour of course, changed the two adorable  boys,some sunscreen, I was in my cute shorts,  so was my friend who babysits with me. 
All of a sudden we weren’t allowed to go in the water,  why? god knows it’s  for no reason. Asked the manager then one Filipino  guy out of no where starts shouting  and saying we can leave the door is open blah  blah blah.  I am furious  at this point.  He was a customer  service agent mind you.  

Tried to reason with him he is at his job and should  never disrespect  us for no reason . The guy repeats himself saying the door is open we can go. Shamelessly, in front of so many people . His supervisor  also Filipino  is there doing  nothing.  Mind you all other Europeans were in the water with their kids. 

I have had friends even roommates from the Philippines. Adorable, respectful and very humble  people but what that guy showed me was completely out of character.  

I must mention  everyone in the water was white but when me and my friend who are dark skinned tried to go.  They refused, became extremely  rude. I defended  myself and told him to respect  himself and not talk to us in such a way and  he must show respect to his clients.

P.s He was extremely  nice to the other guests.  

Racism needs to stop and people need to stop treating  others with hate because  of their color. I am not my skin color. I am human.

With love, Nelly 



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23 replies

  1. You are lucky that this was your first racist encounter. Living here in the US, we witness racism on a day to day basis. So sad.

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  2. I am so very sorry that this happened to you 😦 The fact that this is still a problem in 2017 is absolutely disgusting and unacceptable.

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  3. Sorry this has happened to you it’s sad we still have to deal with that

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  4. Thats not very nice. Were you able to formally complain?

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  5. That’s a horrible story. A well written blog post! I look forward to reading more texts from this blog, this seems to be a great blog!

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  6. I’m sorry that happened to you. I still get racist remarks ever since I was young. I now get them because of my interracial marriage so.. it just doesn’t end and it’s truly sad.

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  7. Bless your poor heart! What an embarrassing and unnecessary incident. I will never understand those who think a different color skin or nationality is cause for mistreating people. It literally never crosses my mind, someone’s skin color, when I’m interacting with people….ever.

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  8. i’m so sorry you had to go through that. im hispanic but very light skinned. i can’t imagine.

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  9. Racist will be punished in heaven, or they will be reborn as earthworms in the birds paradise. As an atheist, at least today I pray that my wishes will come true.

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