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Bloggers  interview  #2

I had the pleasure  yet again to interview an amazing  blogger, Lianne. How lucky could I get? .Her story and love for books is goals.  Below are the inspirational answers she gave.  

1. What’s your name? 

My name is Lianne. I’m 25 years old and I live in the Netherlands.

2. Tell me more about your  blog

My blog’s name is A spoonie is someone with a limited amount of energy due to (chronic) illness. The spoon theory is invented by Christine Miserandino. It shows how people with chronic illness need a lot more energy to go through the things most people don’t even realize cost energy, like getting dressed or preparing lunch. I’ve got Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, also known as chronic fatique syndrome and my mission is to become the happiest spoonie I can be, and help other people in the process. I write about chronic illness and what it’s like, but I mostly write about things that make me happy. Currently I write a lot about books I love. 
3. Apart  from  blogging, what else do you do? 

 I’m pretty much housebound because of my illness, but I get out whenever I can. Also, I’m a writer, working on my book and reading a lot. I don’t work right now, hopefully I will find a job that suits me while managing my health at home. I’d like to become a mother when possible. I also work with yarn a lot (crochet and knitting) and sell my items.

4. What is your  favorite  post in your blog?  

This is a hard one. Let’s see. I think my favorite that I wrote is about my top 5 self help books, because I just really love those books ( But I also love my most recent guestpost written by my dear friend Jemima about her transition from being male to being female (

5. How did you begin  blogging? 

I’ve always been a writer, but when I got ill I didn’t have the energy to do long pieces anymore. I was lonely and wanted to reach out to people to get them to understand what I was going through. I appreciate honesty and wanted to share pieces of my life and what was going on in my mind. So I started the blog. I have always thought about that I wanted people to really get to know me, because in real life I don’t easily let them. Now you can. On my blog you can ask me anything.

6. What are you most  grateful for? 

I’m grateful for so many things, most of all for my boyfriend of 5 years. How he supports me through my darkest days/weeks/months is really incredible. Also, I’m grateful for my illness for showing me that. Without it I might never have known what a great man I have with me and how much he truly loves me.

7. What is your current  favorite  website/ blog

I really enjoy the posts on They are positive and motivating. Also, I love, about my two favorite things: cooking and books!
8. What advice  would  you give to bloggers  ?

Be honest and try to be positive. Think about what inspires you and write about that. Your readers will find you.

With love,Nelly



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  1. It’s dope that you’re interviewing other bloggers. This post was insightful for people like me just starting out. It’s great to see how other people navigate.

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