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Lessons at 23

I don’t have a crazy story to tell. I sometimes  feel I have no story to even tell. My life has been pretty normal, I guess society would say. But what have I learnt in my twenty three years of life?  It might not seem much or different  from what others have learnt but I will share my little story of findings. 

  • I have learnt that one must never turn their back on family no matter what. Friends will come and go but family is constant. 
  • Not everyone  in this world will approve your plans but continue  doing YOU. 
  • I learnt that if a situation, a job or anything  is making you question your worth or makes you unhappy , let go, move on from it.
  • I have learnt that not everyone will value you, no matter how well you do, no matter how perfect you are, some people will just never appreciate  you. 
  • I have learnt that it takes loyalty, patience and hard work to make anything work. 
  • Noone can define or determine your life and your worth. You are in charge of your own story. 
  • It’s OK not to be OK . It’s totally fine to be angry, sad, frustrated  in life. Don’t beat yourself  over it. 
  • Your sanity is more important  than anything  else in your life. My previous  job almost robbed me off of my sanity and vowed to never let that happen again. 
  • Not everyone who claims they love you,  actually do.  Some are just playing games with your heart. 
  • Don’t rush love. Nothing good ever comes from it. 
  • Keep peace with everyone worth keeping  peace with.
  • Be your best self 

What is the biggest  lesson  you have learnt so far? 

    With love, Nelly. 



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    9 replies

    1. family is NOT constant some members you need to eliminated they are the started of horror story in my life 😀

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    2. very true and very very relatable….


    3. This is a lot of good wisdom you’ve acquired. I’m going to print page off and hang it on my board, so I can remember just breath and to not mind what doesn’t matter. Thanks girl xoxo

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    4. Woow true true true………….

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    5. This is so true… In fact the number should be altered to ’18,’…Reality hits quite hard.
      .😣😣😔…thanks for the article it’s great.


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