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Stop the problem sharing 

We all have that one friend who seems to be going through  the hardest,  most painful moments in life.  Nothing good ever comes from their mouths.  We are all a little guilty of this too at some point.  Just because  you don’t go through  the hell that friend goes through  doesn’t mean they are less human than you but again we are still human we get tired.

Tired of listening  to woes and constantly   worrying for them. I know some of you will come at me with the oh a good friend this and a good friend that. But between me and you, we know this can be tiring. I don’t think it’s fair for anyone to burden their friends with their problems because  at the end of the day we all have problems  and adding more into my pot will not make things easier for me, it makes them worse . Not to say that we should  only expect to hear good things and paint skies with rainbows for others,  what I mean is limit what you tell people, ask yourself. Is whatever am about  to tell her going to make her worried or will it have a good impact(will she help solve it?), is this a big problem  that I cannot  handle with out her help or do I just want to let it out? 

My point is Noone wants to constantly worry about  things they are not in a position  to help.  Limit your problem  sharing. 

With love, Nelly


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  1. I totally relate. After the emotional dumping sometimes you are left bothered and depleted. I’m always emotionally empathetic to people. That’s just how I am. But there is but so much one can safely internalize without bursting at the seams.

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