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Simplest discipline  guide 

Let’s talk discipline  today . 
This is a tough one for most parents  and guardians as this beautiful  bundles of joy can easily turn to little balls of mischief. So what’s the fairest way to discipline  them .

1. Keep quite 

 Let them be for the first mistake as it might be a temporary  act of rebellion. Keep your peace til it’s repeated.

 2.  Warn  them

Make it clear you are upset for what they are doing and that this is a warning before you take action. 

3.  Naughty corner 

This gives your child time to think and apologize. If this isn’t effective move to the next step. 

4. Send them to bed early 

No kid wants to go to bed early especially  not when they can play til late with their toys or tablet. This will give them time like the time out to rethink their mistakes. 

5.Take away their favorite  toy 

They will definitely  get angry but stand your ground  that if they don’t change  they won’t ever get it back. 

6. Take away all electronics 

No form of entertainment  means boredom. Give them books instead.  This works for most teenagers though. 

7. Ground them 

Take away their freedom if all else fails.  Tell them they can no longer go anyway other than home and school until they prove they can behave. 

8. Run (kidding… But seriously  🏃 ) 

With love, Nelly 


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