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The ultimate  guide… How to be happy 

How will you be happy?  
How will you get the best out of your life? 

I came up with a simple guide to help us get there if we are not already there and to keep us there if we are already  there.  

1. Be grateful 

Take a pen and a notebook and wrote down everyday something  you are grateful for. This is my 66 days of gratitude guide listing things to help you in your journey

2. Be mindful

Been mindful simply means be considerate  of other people, your environment  and do everything with care in your mind. 

3. Be open to other people’s opinion 

Listen to other people’s opinion.  Don’t rust to dismiss them until you have gotten their point across. Give others a chance. They will learn to respect you more. 

4. Smile 

A smile heals wounds. Smile, giggle, grin,  twinkle as the world is happier with a happy you. 

5. Forgive 

Learn to accept mistakes and forgive. Learn to forgive others who have wronged  you but most importantly learn to forgive  yourself. We can be our harshest critic. 

6. Be positive 

Take on every new day with optimism. Wake up in the morning  and declare it will be a good day. Make happiness your ultimate  goal. 

7. Take care of yourself 

We take care of everyone around  us and neglect ourselves and our needs.  Take the time off and just sit and relax.

8.  Be kind 

Try and exercise  kindness and do everything  with love to family,  friends,  strangers,  pets,  your neighbors.  You will feel happy knowing  you made someone else smile.

With love,  Nelly


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12 replies

  1. I’m going to try number one. I try to journal on the regular but sometimes when I feel like I have nothing to speak about, I don’t. This would be a good prompt

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  2. Loved this post! #7 has to be my all time favorite, I’m working on that everyday ❤️
    Aïchatou Bella

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  3. Definitely have this entry bookmarked to my phone. Great reminder of how to remain positive in spite of!

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  4. It can be hard but we must take care if ourselves in order to properly care for others.
    Remain loved


  5. Great post! Number 6 is always hard one for me, as far as being positive all day, my job annoys me soooo much…but I am working on it, alllll the time lol

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  6. great tips! the journal is something that really helps

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  7. 5 and 8 are things I am always trying to improve for myself. Getting a lot better with forgiveness, especially self-forgiveness. Being kind to myself, however, is still a bit of a challenge. Great read!

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