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What irritates  me is when people talk about  Africa with such a negativity.  People who clearly have never  been to any country  in Africa will just sit around and say all negative  stuff about it. When the closest they ever been to Africa is on discovery channel.  What about those who assume Africa is a huge desert and we live in the forest. Alright now that really irritates me.  

The other day I was on facebook  and there was a debate on breastfeeding,  out of no where this guy suddenly  says clearly women don’t need any nutrients to supply milk to the baby, look at Africa.  I was shocked  by the level of ignorance.  Clearly, he has never been to Africa.  We plant our own food and those without  farms have places readily available  with fresh organic vegetables  to buy from.  I grew up eating a balanced  diet and so did 80 percent of Africans.  Our farms is free from fertilizers,  our fruits are in our farms, we pick them up straight from the tree so we obviously  are having food that is undoubtedly organic. 

Then goes the media,  when they film they want to show the worst of the worst. Their motives are to make Africa  look the worst for the rest of the world. They paint a picture  of poverty,  famine, Hunger, illiteracy  and death. Leave Africa  alone!!  For your info :

  • We do have clean water to drink (we have boreholes and we treat our water)  
  • Africa is not a desert.  We have highlands, mountain regions, small deserts, plains,  valleys. And as much as it is a surprise to you yes it actually rains. 
  • Africans are not black because  it is hot.  We just have extra melanin and not because  of the sun. Otherwise  Africans born in other regions  would be white, right? 
  • We are hard working people. We do our best in everything  we put our minds to. We never back down. 
  • Africans have houses, families,  and apartments. We don’t live in the jungle. So NO I don’t have baboons and lions laying next to me at night. 
  • Lastly you need to visit Africa soon. Most expats who visit always want to relocate to Africa. We are all one. 

End of rant.

With love,  Nelly 



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  1. This right here is why I love people such as Obianuju Ekeocha. She is an outstanding speaker and proponent for Africa. Having kids that I consider family, that we’re all born in Africa, it burns me up the way Africans are often treated as if they’re ignorant. What is more ignorant? Living off the land in your backyard or having to learn through hundreds of years of ill-treating your soil to finally come back to farming naturally and calling it “organic” as if it’s a new endeavor? The arrogance of some is mind boggling.

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  2. Think about what would have happened if all of the African Diaspora would have received shiny beautiful postcards inviting us and all our talents back to the Motherland. The balance of power would definitely have been shifted. The idea of the dirty, poor Africa keeps us all bound. The world thinks of Africa as this backward tiny country(not huge continent). In the meanwhile, other countries swoop in and use up all the bountiful resources. I remind my kids all the time, Belgium chocolate comes from Africa, the coffee we drink comes from Africa, the shea butter in everything we use comes from Africa. Some of us know the truth.

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  3. Couldn’t have said any better. If we lived with the lions in the same tree, I would be dead a while back. We also have cars, houses, living rooms, real roads. Houses that don’t get burnt down easily by fire. Yes! Yes! It rains.

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  4. I live in the Caribbean and have the same issue. Everyone thinks we hang on the beach all day everyday. No. Good job and I would love to visit Africa one day!

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  5. You nailed it.. say Africa, and people visualise it these terms only ‘dessert’, ‘people wearing their children’s, ‘woman not wearing shirts’, ‘lions ands giraffes in thr garden’.. oh people please grow up just Google.

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  6. Thank you for this. I’m so very tired too.

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  7. High time people heard this.

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  8. Last year I travelled to Uganda to do some research for my higher education and afterwards I travelled through the country. On my way there at an airport I met a US-American guy who I chatted to, after telling him where I headed his only reaction was: “fuck,why?” And he travelled a lot himself and even lives in Thailand. But not even fellow “travellers” are challenging their narrow mindset and go to visit those places the have no clue about.There are more articles like yours needed!

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  9. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award, to understand how to participate I just click here.

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