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Reasons your blog is not growing

You might be doing all the right things according to you but that might not be working out for your audience. Lets jump right in and check what you have been doing wrong.

You don’t know your audience

You may write great content on your blog but the people who are reading it may not find it as their interest. To grow your blog you must first identify what kind of readers you have. Are they mothers, fathers, teens, young adults.
You don’t listen to your audience

You may have noticed that some posts get more comments, likes and shares than others. For example in my blog My readers are most young adults and mothers so my posts on motherhood and relationships get may more engagement than the rest. Engage with your readers in the comments and listen to what they suggest. One of my readers inspired me to write one blog post actually.

You are inconsistent

Make a time table, have a plan and be consistent in your posting. Don’t get me wrong. Consistence doesn’t mean post five times a day, now that’s annoying. It simply means post more often, don’t go more than a week without a new post on your blog. I noticed that the more I post, the more I have more subscribers and more engagement on my posts.

You don’t share your work

You might feel guilty of been the one who shares your posts but you have to market yourself so that others out there can find you. Most of this big brands still market themselves so why not. Share your work with other bloggers, collaborate with them, share on facebook, stumble upon, Pinterest, twitter ,you name it. Put your work out there.

You are not educating yourself

We must never stop learning and educating ourselves. Go buy that “100 powerful words ” book or sign up for that E-course. Join bloggers engagement groups and learn from them. Read blogs and learn new things.

With love, Nelly



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  1. Great insights for bloggers! thanks for sharing this.

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  2. I’m definitely learning to pay attention to my audience. As I go back lookover certain things, some of the posts that had the most engagement actually surprised me.

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