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Friends that support from a far

Often it is strangers who support our dreams, who inspire us and motivate her to keep pushing forward. Our friends are in the back in our dreams in most times and though they may emphasize how much they support you and how good you are sometimes they just tell you what you want to hear. A good example is my blog, most of the people who read, engage and give me feedback are not my friends, they are strangers, they constantly read my posts and are very active on my feed. But when it comes to your beloved friend, she barely even knows your URL . Barely reads or engages. This is all too real and sad. Aren’t friends supposed to help you grow and support you? I try my best to try and help my friends in their pursuit of happiness. Friends should support each other no matter what. If you want to be a sea weed, go for it, I will support you to be the best sea weed in the history of sea weeds. So please go support and encourage your friends. It means a whole lot to them.

My strangers are my friends and I don’t know what I would do without them.


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  1. I read somewhere from another blogger that friends seemingly don’t support us because they don’t know how to. As weird as it sounds, she gave some example of things we want people to do that other bloggers may know but our friends may not know as they aren’t apart of our world. She did recommend that maybe we ask our friends to do specific actions. It may be worth trying.

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