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Complete guide on how to handle anxiety and depression

I have had my moments. I have felt completely lost, unworthy of living, I was at my worst. I have anxiety which come with painful chest contractions and I have my own share of depression. I sometimes feel suicidal but what I have realized is that it will always get better. Let’s jump right into the simple guide of what works for me when am at my worst.

  • You need to keep in mind that whatever situation in are in is just temporary.
  • Think of the times you were low and thought you would not make it but you shone through.
  • No matter how much you may think the whole world is against you, remember there is that one person who would be lost if you were not around.
  • I find that taking a walk with my headphones on always helps or if that isn’t for you watch a movie.
  • Don’t suppress your emotions, do not let it build up, it’s important to air your feelings at the exact moment.
  • Do something you would not do. Take up a new interest. It will act as a distraction.
  • Join a support group. Trust me this helps a lot. Just telling strangers what’s going on and having them comfort you helps.
  • If something is making you sad and depressed constantly please let it go if it’s not worth your happiness.
  • Ask for help. Accept the help because you know we’ll enough you deserve you live. You deserve to be happy.

I know some of the things I stated might not work for everyone but no matter what remember you were created to fly, get up and go.

With love, Nelly


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