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What they never tell you after birth

1. Your whole body will hurt

Your intestines, your muscles, every inch of you will hurt. Task that you would have found easy will become difficult. Trying to go for a poop will take more than just watching a forty-five minutes long motivation speech . This especially will be your hell. It is important you prepare for the pain by doing soaks .

2. You will be an emotional wreck

Your hormones at this stage will be all over the place. You will go from been completely happy to feeling empty in a couple of seconds, the pain does not help either. But this shall pass with time.

3. Breastfeeding might be very difficult

You may think breastfeeding will happen effortlessly but that might not be the case. Your milk might not be sufficient,you may need to include formula milk in your baby’s diet. Your nipples will be sore , cracked and they will feel like they just might explode. Don’t worry , the doctor will prescribe something to heal them.

4. Your hair might start going against you

During your whole pregnancy your hair, skin and nails were flourishing but after birth as the hormones work against them you may notice them looking less like what they were. Don’t panic , once your hormones get back to normal they will heal.

5. You will feel hot

Well, don’t we have a lot to thank the hormones for? You will have hot flashes through out until they balance.

6. Sleep will be the new diamond

Your baby will definitely keep you up. Her sleep pattern will mess your pattern up . Try and get rest when she sleeps. Sleeping for more than five hours is considered a blessing.

With love ,Nelly



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  1. I’ve seen a lot of new mothers with baaaaaad post partum shedding. Like whole entire bald spots on their heads! But of course it grew back. Those months after birth seem rough. Bless mothers!

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