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Chin up princess before your crown slips

Been in a healthy relationship involves two people who are in love with each other. Two souls who are willing to fight to stay together. Two people who build each other and are not trying to destroy each other.

An unhealthy relationship involves feeling like you are on eggshells everytime you need to say something to your partner. It involves constant blame from your partner for his actions. It involves feeling unwanted and expressing it to your partner who in turn blames you instead of working through things. It involves constant fighting. Unhealthy relationships often have a forever victim. This partner plays with your emotions. They put you in a mental block where they constantly throw blames and accuse you constantly for things you have no control over. Emotional abuse. If you can’t have a reasonable conversation with your partner you are not in a healthy relationship. If your partner stalks you all the time and translates your conversations , you are not in a healthy relationship. That is emotional abuse. No woman should have to go through that. They force you to feel like you are the reason for everything wrong in the relationship. Their insecurities. As much as you may love that person, choosing to walk away is the best thing you could do. That person doesn’t love you. He/ she is not in love with you. They are in love with the idea of been in love. Oh, during arguments, all they want is to keep you on the waiting list of “Oh I need time” then they break up and then stalk you and accuse you. Typical emotional abuse.

The message here is DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE EMOTIONALLY ABUSED. If they loved you they would not make you feel this way. You were created to fly. You were created to be loved. You were predestined to be happy. Do not ever let any woman or any man dull your sparkle then accuse you of making them dull it. You are worth greatness. You are worth love. You are worth trust. You are worth your own personal opinion. You are worth your private space.

With love, Nelly


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