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A little education on African hair

Some of you think you know everything to do with African hair. Well, just because you know what an afro is doesn’t mean you have the slightest idea as to how crazy it is to have one.

First, you need to know african hair is not greasy, far from it, in fact it gets dry pretty fast. That’s why you see us using Shea butter, cocoa butter, all the butters you can think of. So don’t expect me to wash it daily. And no! It doesn’t get smelly.

Secondly, this thing takes courage, hard work, patience and motivation to comb through. It is hard. Very very hard. The good thing is, the good Lord gave us water so that works if you are on a broke budget.

Thirdly, don’t touch my hair. It took me a whole lot of time to put it in that afro for it to look even and perfect so please, please for the love of everything good don’t mess it up. Don’t pet me.

Fourthly, don’t expect it to lay flat. This hair defies gravity. It’s made to rebel. So don’t ask me to straighten it because chances are after a few minutes outside I will have a bush on my head. That’s not pretty. This hair shrinks with any contact with water.

Now that you know. Keep your hands to yourself. Any questions you have drop below.

With love, Nelly.



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