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Advice series : For someone who feels lost and empty

This is the long-awaited series that I promised everyone. It’s finally here. in this series we will be going through some of the lifestyle and everyday topics and seeking opinion and advice from different REAL people. for today’s topic here’s what they had to say.

JEREMY says ;

I am writing this answer from the perspective of knowing what it means to feel empty and lost. On eight different occasions, these feelings led me to believe that I needed to commit suicide. I never succeeded in killing myself.

After being accepted into a state-run mental health facility, I learned that it’s perfectly fine to feel empty and lost. Every human being on the planet feels this way at different points and times in their life.

We all have different ways of coping. I dive deep into myself and try to figure out what’s going on inside of me. Most of the time, the answers aren’t immediately clear. I need to give my body time to process.

I will meditate, journal, go for walks, listen to music, and do my best to just relax. When I least expect it, the answers will appear. I’m walking for exercise listening to music and I finally figure out something.

I just learned that I always feel empty and lost when I’m not fulfilling my innate talents. I need to use my gifts to be a blessing to other people. Whenever I lose track of that, I find myself in a rut of feeling empty and lost.

I think that you may need to figure out what brings you happiness. Take the time to think about it and write them down. Put them into daily practice in your life.

You may also need to talk with a therapist if your feelings are based around mental health issues. I have used psychiatrists, therapists, social workers, psychologists, and case managers to help me.

In addition, you can always talk to people who you trust in your family and immediate social circle. Too often, our thoughts can literally kill us if we don’t share them with others for perspective and insight.

I sincerely hope that you will feel better soon.

NICKLAS says ;

That to feel empty means that you know how it feels to feel full, and that your fullness is still there, but you must find it again. And that feeling lost is part of most people’s path. That feeling lost is a valuable part of your path.

These challenges are inviting you to do some rediscovery, to reflect and learn from your life. They are an invitation to grow and evolve as a person.

You’re facing healthy challenges and you have with these as with every other challenge in life, two choices. Rise to them, or give up. One I guarantee will lead you through it given enough time. The other I guarantee will see you fall. Choose wisely 🙂

ESTHER says ;


  • start a gratitude journal
  • watch YouTube videos
  • do hw and distract yourself
  • find joy in making your bed, eating, sleeping, the small things
  • read books
  • find purpose, even if it’s feeding your dog

We can do it!

JAY says ;

Go out and spend some quality time with other humans.

Human beings are social creatures. We need human interaction be it with family, friends or a significant other. It’s just the way we are wired. The better relationships you have the happier you will be in life. Once you fill up that happiness tank the second thing you should do is dedicate every waking moment or spare minute you have acquiring knowledge. That could be through reading books, watching shows, listening to podcasts or taking classes. Be obsessed with acquiring obscene amounts of knowledge and somewhere along the way you will find something that you are passionate about which will fulfill you and guide your actions in life.

EVAN says ;

See a psychotherapist for 4 sessions and make sure the therapist practices “”problem solving therapy”, which is typically short-term. Then re-evaluate. Most people don’t need many months or years of therapy to get on track.

I hope you found the answer you were looking for and i pray you find that missing piece in the puzzle . Stay blessed.

with love, Nelly



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10 replies

  1. Sending hope, love and light.

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  2. These are all great tips- keeping a gratitude journal is definitely high up on my list! Thank you so much to everyone for sharing!

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  3. Wonderful perspective. Yes, books are one of my go-to list when I need inspiration. Thanks for sharing

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  4. Thank you for the information. I think it’s important to seek to counsel. Many people think it’s taboo, but it is helpful.

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  5. Thank you for the different insights, it was helpful!

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