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Advice series : for someone recently lost a job


Many people go through loss of a job at least once during their life. This is either through resignation or been laid off. So this is definitely a topic i had to tackle. Here is what they had to say.

ED says ;

The specifics depend upon the kind of job and circumstances surrounding the loss, but broadly, I would advise:

  1. Take time to work through the five stages of grief . This is important: a job is often a fairly key part of a person’s identity. Loss therefore means loss of that part of identity, and grieving in some measure is normal and to be expected.
  2. During this time, he or she should take the opportunity to examine what his or her next job will be. Often, people’s careers simply happen to them: they began with the first job they could get, and simply progress in that direction. That may have been fine earlier, but we grow, as do our interests. Maybe a different path is a better match now.
  3. Start going to local job search groups. If it’s been a while since that person has looked for a job—and particularly if it’s been a number of years—learning how to do a job search now is different. There is no substitute for shaking hands and talking face to face with others.

TIM says ;

If you have paid unemployment taxes, you are likely eligible to make an unemployment insurance claim. Do this as soon as possible. Claims may be time-sensitive. I know from experience they are in NY state.

Analyze your skill set and determine if your skills are currently in need in the job market. If not, you may need to update them or train for a new career.

Make sure your resume is great. However, do not put anything on your resume that you cannot legitimately defend it being there. (Don’t lie on your resume!)

Post your resume to a variety job boards making it searchable for employers and recruiters.

Make it your job to find a new job. Keep applying! Each application is another chance for employment. Don’t stop applying until you have a legitimate job offer, where you have negotiated your salary and start date. It’s not a job until it’s a job.

BRAD  says ;

Top 5 would be:

  1. You are not alone, this has happened to everyone.
  2. This situation is not permanent, everyone was able to come out of it and so will you.
  3. May be it is for the better, you do not know what is around the corner.
  4. Cut your expenses, as long as money does not become a problem being in between jobs isn’t such a bad thing.
  5. Start to look for a job TODAY

ALI says ;

Firstly consider expanding your skills. Gone are the times when having a degree meant landing on a career. You must build your own opportunities.

Consider mentored opportunities. A good mentor not only can teach you the trade but can introduce you to many influential contacts.

Working in US if you’re a Canadian citizen with a degree is rather straight forward. Their economy is in better shape than ours for the time so you may keep an eye on the south as well.

What advice you would give someone who just lost a job?

with love, Nelly.



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  1. Wow, what a thoughtful post. What I took away from this the most was “Maybe a different path is a better match now.” This is something that is so easy to forget but makes all the difference. Thank you.

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  2. Luckily I have not had to go through this myself but I have had friends who have

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