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Advice series : For someone looking for love/a relationship

loveefWe are all a little weird, and life’s a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love. Dr. Seuss.

RANADE says ;

Love yourself first . Love your studies ,work , exercise .

Love your family and friends and neighbors .Love your country .

Be courteous to all irrespective of differences in opinion .

Love will come after you .

WEBSTER says ;

I write this from the point of someone who has found two loves. The first lasted 52 years. The Second has lasted 3 years so far. So what have I learned.

Finding love is not based on luck. Loving relationships are not easy but well worth every minute.

So how do you get there?

Well first understand who you are. What is your personality, do you have a sense of humor, are you educated, can you carry on a conversation, do you have acheviable goals, etc.

Secondly do you know what and who you are looking for. What is the external things education, hair color, body type etc. The who is personality, sense of humor demeanor, etc.

Thirdly determine what your deal killers are. These are items you will not not compromise on such as dating some one who has cheated.

Now I used dating sites to find a wonderful woman and I am biased toward this method. No matter what method you choose understand finding the right person will not be that easy if you hold true to yourself and who you are looking for. Now get out there.

DOUG  says ;

I thought I knew what I wanted, but I was wrong. IMHO, we’re all on the same ride:

  • born knowing nothing,
  • growing up,
  • believing I know what I want,
  • going out on my own to go look for it,
  • learning other things I didn’t yet know,
  • getting lost,
  • believing I got un-lost
  • forgetting what I was looking for,
  • remembering what I was looking for,
  • looking back at the bullet points and concluding that I never really knew what it was I wanted in the first place

but I had to go through it before I could know that somewhere at the midpoint I could look back and make the conscious realization that there’s no way to know that going out on my own to go look for it is not about me going out to go looking for “it,” because I simply cannot know what my “it” is at that point.

It’s a paradox.

What going out on my own to go look for it does is it gets me out on my own. That’s a deciding action. The “it” reveals itself later.

Laugh, love, sing, play, get hurt, learn, pay it forward, love some more, and follow my heart. The more I get out of my way, the easier the journey becomes, and the bigger and tougher the lessons are that I end up learning.

IAN says ;

Always look for a person who can closely match with your core beliefs. If they do not match, you’ll eventually struggle trying to adjust in that relationship.

ARORA says ;

Keep looking for a good person around with whom you can connect well….

But don’t get desperate and end up with a person who doesn’t deserve your love.

You must be feeling lonely and ready to get hookup but sometimes people around can take advantage.

Dont look like needy…. Be practical and pick up wisely.

All the best !

JEAN says ;


Seriously, stop looking , improve yourself, become the best you possible and let life take his course.

SMITH says ;

Take your time pray and be sure that the person you choose, allows you to be you freely.


with love, Nelly.



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