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Advice series : For someone trying to lose weight

ADVICE SERIES- FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO LOSE WEIGHTI have been doing a lot of research on losing weight cause  I have been trying to get into the perfect fit. I wrote a free e-book that will be available for everyone. if you are interested please leave your email below or on my social media @nellyshiks on instagram. It is a 7-DAY CLEAN EATING CHALLENGE. The meals on there are very low-calorie and an average of 1000 calories per day.

RAJ says ;

Over my life, I have gone thrice from excess fat to skinny. And now I just maintain my weight, with a balance of exercise and no special diet.

Fat loss for me happens in few recognizable patterns.

  • Realize that the pants are tight. Conclude I have gained some excess fat.
  • Cut down totally on sugar. Maybe 1 – 2 days.
  • Begin my exercise, in the meanwhile.
  • Initially I start with lots of HIIT. And Body-weight exercise.
  • Cut sugar further.
  • Realize I haven’t lost any weight.
  • I stop eating all processed foods. And total cut-off from sugar.
  • 30 days, in, no change in weight. But, a lot fitter.
  • 60 days in, pants are going back on. I can see my veins.
  • 90 days, sugar has comeback to diet. But no processed food.
  • 150 days I have lost a lot of excess fat. If I started from 83 Kgs, I am 75 Kgs.
  • This is when, I stopped exercising. Just focus on eating healthy.
  • 180 days, I don’t gain weight, and maintain it, with the food I eat.
  • Some nice TV shows comes along the way, I start binge watching all its seasons, bham! Food habits gets broken.
  • Damn that pant is tight.

This has happened 3, from start to end. And this is the 4th time, and I am in the 170 day, and exercising.

See, in order to lose excess fat, a lot of things have to work together. Like cutting down food. And cutting on sugar and processed food too. Exercising, with weights. Little cardio. Sleeping habits. Mental tenacity. Your goals, & plans. Commitment to the whole plan. At times, even seeking medical advice also comes in handy.

And if I could really give you a single advice, to commit your mind onto, to lose weight. It would be, to join a physical activity.

Go join, football groups, cricket, karate, swimming, tennis, mountain-climbing. etc.

Joining these activities why automatically force you to lose weight. Even if you lose the focus from dieting and exercising, the activity will keep your body fit. Therefore for a longer period of time, you’ll not gain much weight.

All those three times, I picked up an activity. First it was volleyball. Second swimming. Third yoga. And now fourth — parkour.

The best part, along the way, I learnt so many things from all those activities.

MARK says ;

First throw away your scale. Body weight is bones, muscle, fat, fluid, and poop. BMI is useless to me because if I am short and muscular they will say I am not healthy. Being healthy and looking good requires effective metrics. Body fat percentage is the best because you only want to lose fat. In the beginning focus on getting stronger and faster, not aesthetic changes in your body.

Second get a picture of what you want to look like. Don’t try to lose a certain number of pounds because I can pay for you to do surgery, remove the weight and you still would not look lean and ripped or whatever you are going for. The body is sculpted through exercise and dieting. Dieting is much harder than exercise if you are addicted and emotionally dependent on food like myself. I rather endure the pain of training than the agony of starving or food withdrawals. Get as much lean muscle as possible, this will burn lots of calories and you can eat more carefree than if you did not have muscles.

Third, start lifting weights if your are not already, especially legs. Do the spin bike, swim and interval running for cardio. Also jump ropes are great. Squats, pull ups, dips and push ups. Do a wheel exercises for core.

Exercise everyday no matter what. You may not do a lot but do something. Discipline is the key ingredient to losing weight. If you have discipline any body you want is within reach. Without it, you won’t maintain what ou truly desire.

Reduce sugar, flour and dairy they stick very easy to the body. However only start dieting seriously if you are confident that you will exercise consistently.

To recap, become addicted to exercising and then everything’s else would take care of itself.

BART says ;

First ask yourself:

Do you really want to lose weight? Or do you want to lose fat?

The paths to these goals are similar, but have different success metrics. It’s completely possible to gain weight while losing fat.

Basically, don’t use your scale as the ultimate metric.

Step zero: Be patient. Health and fitness is a journey, not a destination. If you get to your “goal weight” too quickly, you may not look the way you want to and there’s a strong possibility you’ll bounce back to your initial state in short order.

Step one: Fix your diet. This is actually step 2–5 also. This is the most important part of the process and really you don’t need any other steps, but optionally, there are more things you can do. If you don’t start eating right, in a way that is sustainable for the rest of your life, you’ll continue down a path of losing some weight, gaining it back, losing weight, gaining it back. If you eat right, all the time, you can easily sustain a weight and fitness that you prefer.

Your diet should include plenty of plants, and plenty of diversity. Eat enough food, but not too much. The trick is finding that happy medium.

I’d recommend getting rid of “junk food” (there’s no such thing in reality, all food is simply food, but colloquially this includes foods that are high in added sugar — candy and sweet and salty snacks). Stock up on vegetables that you will eat. I recommend carrots, broccoli, and celery to snack on. Outside of that, with every meal you should get a portion of veggies, drop some olive oil and salt on some raw veggies and roast them at 425 for a few minutes will make anything better, broccoli, quartered potatoes, brussels sprouts, green beans, etc.

Don’t worry too much about what you eat, worry more about how much you eat. Look to eat smaller portions. If you go out to eat, don’t eat everything they put in front of you, take most of it home and eat it tomorrow. You’ll save money that way too.

Drinking water and eating your veggies first will help trigger your satiety and help you to eat less.

Long story short — consume less energy.

Optional step 6 – Burn more energy.

Start exercising, I’d recommend lifting weights first, then consider doing cardiovascular work. If you’re concerned about getting “too swole”, your fears are unfounded. Most people struggle for years to get ripped, and these are people who are genetically predisposed to getting that way. It’s nearly impossible to get huge without trying, and trying really hard.

Lifting weights will help your bone and joint health as well as increase the amount of energy you burn while resting.

Cardio provides great fitness gains in terms of Cardiovascular health as well as burning a large amount of calories directly.

The problem with exercise is that it can lead to people over consuming after their workout, exercise makes you hungry and people are terrible at gauging how much they should eat to make up for it.

Get your diet changed first. Build up that will power, then start exercising to supplement.


With love , Nelly



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