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Fast and Easy Waysto Dress YourLittle Ones

I accept myself
I approve of myself
I am enough
I am always enough
I am unique
we are all unique
we are all individuals
we all have imperfections
I can have imperfections and still, love myself
There is beauty in my imperfections
I compare myself only to my highest self
I respect myself and I ask that others respect me too
I respect my body
I respect my mind
I have the courage to voice my own opinions and thoughts
I dare to show my true self and I am loved
I respect the difference of opinions
I also give equal value to my own feelings and I ask that others respect my feelings
I cannot control others opinions and actions
I can only control how I choose to react
I am never alone as I am always loved and supported even when it’s not immediately felt or seen
I do no harm to no living thing including myself
I always live with compassion for all including myself
I take full responsibility for where I am in life
I let go of blaming others
I let go of anger towards others
I accept an apology I may never receive
I free myself from holding on to resentment and bitterness
knowing that negative emotions poison my mind, therefore, I let go
I let go of any past hurt, whether conscious or accidental
I forgive others to free myself
I have all the resources I need to make the life I want
I decide more actively who I want in my life and who I do not
I live in peace and compassion with everyone
As I feel my optimism increase, negative people in my life simply fade away, their control loosens.
Their words fade into the distance.
I attract the right people in my life.
I am ready to release past pain
I am letting go of modern-day doubts
I have strengths
I have a unique gift to give this world
I let go of perfections
I simply aim to be better at my strengths
I refuse to give up.
I break down the walls of limiting self-beliefs
I allow myself to be seen for who I am
as uniquely me

What are your affirmations this month?

(source unlock your life)



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8 replies

  1. Positive vibes all the way 🙂

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  2. “I always live with compassion for all including myself”.
    Only God knows how much I needed to hear this. I’ve been putting so mucchh pressure on myself lately and nothing positive has come out of it, I needed to be reminded to be kind to myself. Thank you so much for this timely post!

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  3. Writing all of these down (if you don’t mind!) I needed this.

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  4. Am really inspired by the positivity in the post, very uplifting words. Always good to share a post like this. Thanks

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