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Bring your dry hair back to life

www.nellytherebel.blogEveryone who knows me knows I am obsessed with hair. I don’t think there is any human being who thinks about hair the way I do. I go from wigs to afros in a couple of days. Red hair dye then blonde, I have basically made my hair a ‘lab rat’ sobs for my hairline. With all those experimentations comes a price and that is dry, frizzy, uncontrollable hair. I tend to think this is my hair telling me to slow down. More like a rebellion. With all that said, I present to you the miracle worker: round of applause, please

Banana and yogurt hair mask

This mask is for everyone who has little to no energy applying millions of products every time to their hair. It should be done at your own comfort. Whenever you feel like your head deserves a spa treatment only from home and with the right ingredients.


So take bananas, depending on your hair length, take yogurt and mash and mix them together. Apply this paste to your rebellious hair that will stop at nothing to see your downfall. Be generous. Leave for thirty minutes to an hour. Rinse off then shampoo your hair. Thank me later. Seriously.

With love, Nelly.



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