Tokyo, Japan Travel Guide

Tokyo, Japan Travel Guide – Places and Things to do

Tokyo which is the capital city of Japan has a combination of historic temples and ultra-modern skyscrapers. Tokyo has a population of more than nine million people and hence if there is any place that you need to visit and interact with Japanese people while learning their culture, it is this city.

Geographical Location

Tokyo is located in the south of Kanto region. Kanto region is positioned in the center of the Japanese archipelago. Japan is located in Eastern Asia between the Sea of Japan and North Pacific Ocean.


Best Time to Visit

For good weather and outdoor activities, the ideal time to visit Tokyo is in March, April, October, and November.

Fun Fact

Tokyo’s Skytree in 2010 was named as the tallest tower in the whole world. This tower has the world’s highest skywalk.

Useful Information

  • The primary language spoken in Japan is Japanese. English is not a typical language.
  • The Japanese Yen is the primary currency in Japan. Dollars are accepted in Japan.
  • Tokyo public transport is efficient enough to cater for tourists. Their transportation is punctual, and the service is superb. For tourists who would like to travel on their own, car rentals and taxis are available.
  • The people in Tokyo are not strict about the dress code. This means that you can wear anything as long as you feel comfortable.

tokyo 1

What to do

  • For you to learn about Japanese ancient Buddhist religion, you will need to visit Sensōji. This is one of the ancient Buddhist temples.
  •  Meiji Jingū which is a Shinto Shrine attracts millions of visitors each year. This is due to the great sceneries that this place provides. It will be worth your time to spend your time here while you visit Tokyo.
  • To witness the tallest broadcasting tower in the whole world, you need to visit Tokyo Skytree. If you are daring, you can walk at the top of this tower and enjoy seeing the whole of Tokyo.
  • Visiting Tokyo’s Disneyland which is a theme park can offer you just the relaxation that you need during your trip. This 115-acre park is made of 7 themed ports which are inspired by legends and myths of the sea.


Where to Eat

  • Shima – This restaurant serves perfect steaks as part of a set meal. Seafood is usually served as an appetizer.
  • Sushi Sugita – For people who enjoy eating Sushi, when you are in Tokyo, the best place to visit is the Sushi Sugita.
  • Tofuya Ukai – This restaurant offers multi-course meals. They also offer their customers appetizers.
  • Butagumi – This is the only place in Tokyo where you can eat deep-fried pork. This meal is usually referred to as tonkatsu by the Japanese.


Where to Shop

  • If you want to shop from your hotel room, Alotta pajs  “CLICK HERE” is a great website for cheap high-quality clothes and accessories at discounted rates.
  • Kuramae is the best place where you can buy artistry goods. You can acquire products such as traditional garments which are colored using natural dyes. Handcrafted leather goods are also available.
  •  Kōenji is the best place to purchase items from secondhand shops. Kichijōji which is located in the west next to Kōenji is an extraordinary place where you can shop for your homewares.

If you have time

  • While visiting Tokyo, it will be worth your time to visit Yokohama which is only 30 minutes away. This is usually an excellent destination for food lovers and shoppers.
  • Kamakura which most people know as the ancient city of Samurai is located only 60 to 90 minutes from Tokyo. This place has many shrines and temples which you can go and see.
  • If you are a fan of hot springs, then you can visit Hakone which is only 2 hours away from Tokyo if you decide to access it by train.

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