Mombasa, Kenya Travel Guide

Mombasa, A Guide to Visiting Kenya – Things to do and Places to Visit

There are so many reasons as to why you need to visit Mombasa, a city located on the coast of Kenya. There are the excellent beaches, great National parks, and excellent restaurants. This is just to mention a few of the things that you will experience.

Geographical Location

Kenya borders the Indian Ocean to the East, Ethiopia to the North, Tanzania to the south, and Uganda to the west. Mombasa is found at the coast. The city itself is an island.


Best Time to Go

Although you can visit Mombasa at any time, it is advisable to visit this place during the dry season. The dry season is between July and October.

Fun Fact

The iconic tusks found in Mombasa were not just built for decoration. They were made to commemorate Princess Margret’s visit to Kenya in 1956.


Useful Information

  • Kenya is a multilingual country. Swahili is spoken as the national language while English is the official language.
  • The Kenyan shilling is the national currency although other currencies, for example, Euros and Dollars are accepted.
  • Kenyans are conservative with their dressing. This means that when traveling to Kenya, you need to be wearing unrevealing clothes.
  • The public transport present in Kenya is not ideal for you as a tourist. It will be better for you to use a taxi or to rent a car.


What to do

  • One ideal activity that you should undertake after landing in Mombasa is to visit fort Jesus. This place was initially built by Portuguese in 1593, but it was later used by the Arabs to imprison and even torture slaves before shipping them to the middle east.
  • For nature lovers, Haller Park is the place to be. There are numerous to do here. You can decide to jog, cycle, or just hike.
  • Visit Nguuni reserve to see the giraffes, waterbucks, rare kinds of birds, and ostriches.
  • To see crocodiles, you can check out Mamba village which is among the largest crocodile farms.
  • You can relax on Pirates Beach and enjoy the cool breeze.


Where to Eat

  • Yul’s Restaurant allows you to dine and drink your wine as you enjoy the lovely oceanic view.
  • If you are a pizza lover, Pistachios is just the place for you. For offers, you can visit this place on Fridays.
  • For Swahili Dishes, the best place to go to is the Blue Room Restaurant. Here you can eat chicken biryani and Pilau.

Where to Shop

  • If you want to shop from your hotel room, Alotta pajs  “CLICK HERE” is a great website for cheap high-quality clothes and accessories at discounted rates.
  • One place to get anything you want from is City Mall which is located in Nyali. This place is only 20 minutes away. International brands are available for you to choose from.
  • Another ultra-modern place to shop from is the Nyali center. Inside this place, you will even find places where you can dine. These include planet Yoghurt and Java.
  • CBD Shopping Outlets which contain numerous shopping facilities are also a great place to shop.

If You Have Time

  • Explore the old town which is located southeast of Mombasa. This is the place that holds the history of the days when Portuguese used to rule Mombasa.
  • Explore Mombasa Marine National Park which is an offshore reserve. Significant activities in this place include snorkeling and Diving.
  • Hiring a boat in Mombasa is quite cheap. You can hire one and head out to sea.





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