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VENT  ALERT!!! What irritates  me is when people talk about  Africa with such a negativity.  People who clearly have never  been to any country  in Africa will just sit around and say all negative  stuff about it. When the closest they ever been to Africa is on discovery channel.  What about those who assume Africa is a huge desert and we live in the forest. Alright now that really irritates […]

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66 days of gratitude  (week 3 & 4)

On our previous  challenge of gratitude  we are now almost to two weeks so let’s go ahead and continue  our journey. But before we jump right through, if you missed the last one I will put a link and you can go start from day one,  it’s never too late to start.  Day fourteen – which season are you most grateful  for? Day fifteen – which opportunity  are you most […]

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Lessons at 23

I don’t have a crazy story to tell. I sometimes  feel I have no story to even tell. My life has been pretty normal, I guess society would say. But what have I learnt in my twenty three years of life?  It might not seem much or different  from what others have learnt but I will share my little story of findings.  I have learnt that one must never turn […]

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66 days to make gratitude into a habit

They say it takes 66 days on average to form a habit. I say let’s all get in the spirit of gratitude. I will list down things that you can scribble down your diary to get you in the habit. So take your notebook and get writing for the next two weeks. We shall continue til we make the sixty six day mark.  Day one – What food are you […]

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My first racist encounter  

I was going  about my day today as usual,  minding my own business.  Then we decided  to go to this water park for kids( some kids I was babysitting  this afternoon), so there I was in my great “let’s do this” mood, bubbly even I must say.  I walked up to this park paid for an hour of course, changed the two adorable  boys,some sunscreen, I was in my cute […]

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