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What they never tell you after birth

1. Your whole body will hurt Your intestines, your muscles, every inch of you will hurt. Task that you would have found easy will become difficult. Trying to go for a poop will take more than just watching a forty-five minutes long motivation speech . This especially will be your hell. It is important you prepare for the pain by doing soaks . 2. You will be an emotional wreck […]

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Friends that support from a far

Often it is strangers who support our dreams, who inspire us and motivate her to keep pushing forward. Our friends are in the back in our dreams in most times and though they may emphasize how much they support you and how good you are sometimes they just tell you what you want to hear. A good example is my blog, most of the people who read, engage and give […]

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66 days of gratitude (week 5 &6)

We are what we constantly do. We are at the fifth and sixth week frame so we are doing great at this point. If you haven’t already started don’t feel left out the other four weeks are still there waiting for you. Here are the previous ones in case you missed them for the first two weeks and the week three and four is here Let’s continue… Day […]

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How to be a playful parent

We all want to be the cool parent that the little ones enjoy been around. Let’s go through few pointers on how to achieve that. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Take some silly pictures with funny faces with your child. Let your hair down. Relax and take it easy for the day with your kids. A safe pair of hands is what you should be. Let your kids trust […]

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Weight loss tips I tried 

The past few days I have been obsessing about weight loss, so, as always I did a little research ( by that I mean hours​ of intensive googling). Here is what I found out is most effective: 1. Lemon water  Apparently lemon is good for everything, weight loss included. Get in the habit of taking it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. 2. Apple cider vinegar  This […]

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Inside a disturbed mind 

Do you ever feel like just when you are beginning to become happy the universe decides to throw shades at you? You feel lonely , ignored,you feel lost in this world. You feel empty and as though everyone around you is trying to pull you down. What’s worse is when you realize that the people who you thought would be there for turn against you. They literally stab you straight […]

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