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What I do: I provide information to my readers ranging from parenting, dating, health among many. I listen to my readers opinion, I cultivate peace, love and harmony in my blog. I believe that everyone has a voice that ought to be heard. I chose to write mine . Welcome to this blog

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My day with social anxiety 

Social anxiety is tragic.  It can be confused for shyness or been introverted but far from it, it’s horrible, it’s worse than I can actually make it sound. I will give you ask example: Today, I was walking in the mall,  pretty random thing and easy thing to do right? That mall  was not fully packed as always so you would expect I would have little to no problem going […]

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Stop the problem sharing 

STOP BURDENING YOUR FRIENDS WITH YOUR PROBLEM We all have that one friend who seems to be going through  the hardest,  most painful moments in life.  Nothing good ever comes from their mouths.  We are all a little guilty of this too at some point.  Just because  you don’t go through  the hell that friend goes through  doesn’t mean they are less human than you but again we are still […]

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How to stop being the angry mum

Most of us feel like we snap at our  kids for everything and we get worried because you don’t want to teach aggression and lack of forgiveness. I came up with few ways to help reduce the snapping. 1. Take a deep breath  This is the number one tip for anyone. Taking a deep breath will not only help calm your nerves but also will give you some time to […]

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Weight loss tips I tried 

The past few days I have been obsessing about weight loss, so, as always I did a little research ( by that I mean hours​ of intensive googling). Here is what I found out is most effective: 1. Lemon water  Apparently lemon is good for everything, weight loss included. Get in the habit of taking it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. 2. Apple cider vinegar  This […]

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Inside a disturbed mind 

Do you ever feel like just when you are beginning to become happy the universe decides to throw shades at you? You feel lonely , ignored,you feel lost in this world. You feel empty and as though everyone around you is trying to pull you down. What’s worse is when you realize that the people who you thought would be there for turn against you. They literally stab you straight […]

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Skinny brides become chubby wives 

It’s been said women gain weight after they get married. I researched why this happens and jotted down few reasons 1. Your priorities change  The first thing a wife wants to do is feed her family. As a single woman your appearance was your first priority but after you get married you realize you can’t get away with something and fitness and health become a less priority to you . […]

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